Can Orlistat Help People Lose Weight?

Xenical and weight lossOrlistat is a popular medication that can help people lose fat if they are overweight or suffer from obesity. Basically, it functions by interfering with the mechanism involved in digesting and absorbing fat into the human body. Read detailed Orlistat reviews to find out more and determine whether this medication is really effective. Doctors have instructions as to when it’s prescribed, and patients should remember that this treatment may interfere with the right absorption of specific vitamins, so it’s advisable to use multivitamin supplements, too.

What Orlistat Is All About

It’s a medication that helps people lose weight, and it works by blocking specific enzymes or chemicals in their guts responsible for digesting fat. Based on clinical studies and customer reviews, almost 1/3 of all the fat consumed by patients is blocked by Xenical. This undigested fat isn’t absorbed into their bodies, and it’s passed out with their regular stools. One capsule that contains 120 mg is a standard dose, and it should be taken 3 times a day with every meal that you eat. Don’t take any pill if you skip a meal or it doesn’t contain any fat. Orlistat is the only medication available and prescribed by doctors to help people with their weight loss.

How to Determine If You Are Obese

People who are overweight or obese have excess body fat, and it’s easy to determine by calculating BMI. Being obese is related to specific health risks, so it’s necessary to lose fat by taking Orlistat. BMI estimates what percent of the body consists of fat and whether obesity puts people’s health at risk. It’s a specific measure of their weight related to their height. Doctors usually use this index and other basic factors to decide whether it’s beneficial to prescribe Xenical.

Orlistat Mechanism of Action

When it comes to Xenical and weight loss, many studies and tests prove that this medicine results in more weight loss compared to other methods alone, but patients need to combine its intake with regular exercises and calorie-low diet plans. For example, some of them lose about 10% of their body fat within 6 months with the help of this treatment. One of the main reasons why Xenical may not work well is that some people think that they can relax their dieting plans, because its use will do everything needed, but they’re wrong. To lose fat effectively, users still need to consume fewer calories and exercise regularly. Orlistat prevents only 1/3 of the fat they eat from being properly absorbed by the body. So, when people don’t stick to their diet plan and prefer to eat more fat, this medicine won’t be effective.

When Doctors Prescribe Xenical

 benefit from losing fatThis medication is not prescribed to everyone who wants to lose fat, because it should be taken only by those patients whose BMI exceeds a certain measure. Doctors need to be sure that their patients have tried healthy eating habits and regular workouts first. Usually, they recommend Orlistat to people whose BMI is over 30 and who will benefit from losing fat.

Common Length of This Treatment

If people succeed to lose about 5% of their body fat within 3 months, there are no limits on how long they can take Orlistat. However, they should be examined by doctors regularly to decide whether taking it is appropriate.